Frequently Asked Questions

Find here the common questions & find out more about rental conditions at Regina Rental Cars
What are all the documents to provide?

You must provide us with the day of reservation of the vehicle, the driver's license on both sides (1 year minimum seniority) and a valid identity document.

How can I pay?

You can pay by cash, credit card, bank transfer or payzen link. We only accept company checks. A deposit of 50% is requested when booking the vehicle.

Do I have to clean my vehicle when returning the vehicle?

Yes, you will need to return the rental vehicle in the same condition that you received it. This includes not bringing in a crashed, dented, etc. car.
If you return a dirty automobile, the cleaning costs are 5000F And 8000F for large cars.
You can take the cleaning option if you don't want to deal with it.

What are my obligations when returning?
  1. The car is rented with a full tank of fuel. On return, you must deliver the vehicle with a full tank as well.
  2. Return the car at the agreed time. Each additional hour is invoiced at 1000 F. Beyond 3 hours, a day is invoiced.
  3. Return the car in perfect condition, in case of damage, the deductible is 80,000 F.
Can I go where I want?

You can go around the island, go to Moorea.
Except with the 4X4, the crossing of the interior of the island is prohibited, the valley of Papenoo is not authorized because of the bad quality of the roads. All our vehicles are geolocated.

What is the minimum rental period?

The minimum duration is 24 hours.