General rental conditions

regina rental cars

    1. ART.1 DURATION. EXTENSION. The rental of the vehicle is concluded for a specific period expressly stipulated in the contract. Its extension can only validly take place by means of an amendment signed between the tenant and REGINA RENTAL CARS before the expiry of the contract or by tacit agreement by telephone. Improper retention of the rented vehicle exposes the tenant to legal action and entails his forfeiture of the benefit of the contract and therefore of insurance. The lessee is required to return the vehicle as agreed with the lessor.
    2. ART.2 VERIFICATION TO BE SPECIFIED. For long-term rentals The lessee undertakes to present the rented vehicle to REGINA RENTAL CARS for free technical verification at the request of the lessor. He cannot oppose, if the immobilization of the rented vehicle is necessary or exceeds 15 minutes, its replacement by a comparable vehicle. Failure to comply with this technical verification engages the responsibility of the tenant for any damage caused by a technical failure of the vehicle.
    3. ART.3 COVERAGE. RESERVATIONS. The tenant acknowledges having taken the rented vehicle in perfect working order and maintenance. He undertakes to report without delay any defect that he may notice, failing which he could be held responsible, after expertise, for the damage caused by its aggravation.
    4. ART.4 COVERAGE OF ACCESSORIES. The rented vehicle is equipped with all its accessories in working order. The tenant is automatically responsible for their disappearance or deterioration, and is required to replace them at the current price, if necessary. Only the lessor can agree to repairs.
    5. ART.5 MINIMUM DAILY RATE. The fact of taking charge of the vehicle involves a commitment by the lessee to bear the minimum daily rate defined in the rental contract, regardless of the brevity of the taking charge. Packages are payable when the vehicle is picked up. 1 rental day is equal to 24 hours. Beyond that, one hour of overtime will be charged 1000 xpf, 2 hours 2000 xpf, 3 hours 3000 xpf. Above 3 additional hours 1 full day will be charged.
    6. ART.6 TIRES. Are not included in the prices, the replacement of tires in the event of a puncture, twisted rims, torn tires, except in cases of normal wear and tear linked to the use of the vehicle. These costs will be subject to additional invoicing not included in the rental contract.
    7. ART.7 FUEL. Refueling is not included in the price. It is the responsibility of the tenant. REGINA RENTAL CARS will rent the vehicle with a full tank of gas. The tenant must return the vehicle with a full tank of gas, which he must fill before returning the car.
    8. ART.8 REPATRIATION OF THE VEHICLE. The lessee formally refrains from abandoning the vehicle. If this is not possible, the vehicle will be repatriated at the renter's expense. The towing company that should be contacted is that of Europe Assistance Telephone 40 50 22 33. The rental remains due until the vehicle is returned to the REGINA RENTAL CARS Garage.
    9. ART.9 PROHIBITED AREAS. Our vehicles are not allowed to drive in the high mountain valleys. Ex: Vallée de la Papenoo, La Maroto etc.…
    10. ART.10 WASHING AND RETURN COSTS. The vehicle is given to you clean. It will be returned clean in which case a washing fee of 3000 XPF will be charged to you on your return. For large vehicles, the washing option will be multiplied by 2. You have the option of paying the washing costs at the start of your vehicle if you do not wish to take care of the washing. In case of damage to the vehicle (significant scratches, shock etc.……..) a deductible of 80,000 xpf and other costs, towing, immobilization costs, and others may be charged to you according to our garage rate or assessed by management. For large vehicles the deposit paid by check or other means will be retained.

    1. ART.11 SCOPE OF THE COVER. The rented vehicle is only authorized to circulate on roads open to car traffic, public or private, paved from Tahiti to Moorea. It is insured under the general guarantee conditions for vehicles without a driver, and under the special conditions referred to in the insurance policy, which can be consulted at the REGINA RENTAL CARS office. The main elements of the insurance contract are recalled below.
      1. A)- Civil liability: The rented vehicle is insured for damage that the renter could cause to others by accident, it being understood that the damage caused to the renter himself is excluded from the guarantee. The fines, consequences of the criminal liability of the tenant, remain the responsibility of the latter.
      2. B)- Damage caused to the rented vehicle, with deductible: Guarantee of damage to rented vehicles following the theft of the vehicle, glass breakage, fire, vandalism, damage to all accidents including towing costs under deduction of an incompressible deductible subject to the respect of art.12 and the exclusions of art.13.
    3. ART.12 CATEGORIES OF DRIVERS AND GUARANTEE CONDITIONS. The tenant must be 18 years old and have held a driving license for at least 4 completed months. The deductible to be paid in the event of an accident will be 91,000 xpf for drivers under 23 years of age. Drivers over 70 must have a valid license and a medical certificate of fitness to drive.
    4. ART.13 STATEMENT AND ACCIDENT REPORT. Any damage caused to the rented vehicle must be the subject of an accident report. The tenant must report immediately to the REGINA RENTAL CARS office to draw up the report and send the report, except in the following two cases: hospitalization or detention by the police. In these 2 cases, the tenant is required to report at the end of his detention or hospitalization. The tenant who does not respect this commitment is held financially responsible for the damage caused and their consequences.
    5. ART.14 EXCLUSION OF WARRANTY : In addition to the exclusions referred to in the general conditions, the tenant's civil liability is fully engaged in the following circumstances, which exclude:
      1. a) Damage caused intentionally, through malice or inexcusable fault.
      2. b) Damage caused in particular by crossing watercourses, entering sea water, getting stuck, overturning the vehicle, driving on roads that cannot be driven on, punctures, bursting or tearing of tyres.
      3. c) Damage caused while driving in a state of obvious intoxication or after the use of narcotics or caused by any passenger having provoked them under the influence of such a state.
      4. d) Damage caused in the event of theft of the vehicle when the return of the keys cannot be obtained by REGINA RENTAL CARS
      5. e) Damage caused when the driving of the vehicle has been transferred to a third party not named in the rental contract.
      6. f) Damage to baggage and personal items
    6. ART.15 INFRINGEMENTS. The customer is held responsible for paying fines in the event of a traffic violation.
    7. ART.16 COURTS. Any dispute in this contract will be brought before the competent jurisdiction of French Polynesia.
    8. ART.17 GEOLOCATION: All our cars are equipped with a geolocation system